Working Moms (warning: less pictures post!)

Life in 2020 has become so demanding and trying to keep up with that stressful routine is so difficult when your a single person. So how can being a working mother be successful? As I always believed, life is all about priorities and if you set your priorities straight you will succeed in life.

For a working mom who has a career to maintain, it is more challenging because you have a duty to the years you spent on studies and internships but also you are responsible for the tiny creatures that you brought into this world.

Children are very fragile in their first years growing up and moms are key individuals in shaping their personalities and turning them into the persons they ought to be. If your children are your priorities then forget about excelling at work and you definitely should postponed that career breakthrough for the moment. But that’s just me. I had so much hard time thinking I can tackle both jobs and be great at them but somehow found out the ugly truth; I will always give less in something if I wanted to perfect the other. And to be honest, I’ve always been a family person and I cherish the relationship I have with my parents, siblings and now with my husband and precious daughter (also soon my little baby boy), so I took the decision to give more into motherhood and at some point everything else will fall into place. God has a perfect timing for everything in your life!

God has a perfect timing for everything in your life!

As long as I am performing well at work, not neglecting my patients and work mates then I’m perfectly fine. I’m so proud to call myself a good housewife, excellent mom and most of all a kind, giving person.

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