Flu Season in Doha

It’s Flu season in Doha, again! and it seems to be the case all year long.

It’s been a very frustrating week for me and my husband with my little baby girl sick still until this day. Kids get sick all the time especially with all sorts of viruses but this time is different for us, high temperature lasting for more than 5 days, night and day, sleepless nights, coughing and nose running. And the worse part? you can’t do much.

We took her couple of times to the emergency room where they confirmed it’s a viral infection and that all we needed to do is dropping the temperature with ibuprofen and paracetamol, saline solution to clear her nose and that’s it.

Today she’s doing better since last week, still has runny nose and coughing but no fever, so far!

Bottom line is that most infections encountered in Doha are viral and what I have learned for the last 7 years here, is that healthcare professionals in general and in Doha specifically, prefer to wait before prescribing antibiotics to rule out a bacterial infection. Which is totally understandable with the high rise of resistance to Antibiotics. Viral infections are treated for their symptoms and bacterial infections with antibiotics, that is why patience is key with the viral infections as they take time to clear.


The way that children interact means that infectious diseases can quickly spread, they will have close physical contact with other children through play, put objects in their mouths and may not always cover their mouths through sneezes and coughs. And because in early childhood their immune systems are still developing, they are more prone to those diseases than others.
Simple steps can reduce the chance that childhood infections spread to other people in the family and in childhood education and care services, and to vulnerable people in the community.

Steps include:

  • Staying home when they’re sick
  • Getting vaccinated when available
  • washing their hands well and using hand sanitisers
  • avoiding interaction with other kids especially through saliva contamination and breath.

Below is a very explicit chart of those steps and more.

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