Welcome to my home.

My name is Stephanie.

To get started I would like to introduce myself a bit. I’m a working mom who, like many women out there is trying to manage between two amazing jobs. Being a mom and being a working Dentist.

I’m an expat in Qatar. This is my seventh year here and it has been great and challenging at the same time. Having to tackle a house, a kid, a job and an amazing, supporting husband as you expect cannot be easy and believe me there were lots of ups and downs but at the end, believing that with the strength that God gives us, we can do all.

So let’s keep this short, hope you find my blog as interesting as I’ll try to make it be.

Yours truly, Mother Doc…

Published by

The Mother Doc Official

I'm a mommy and a doctor. A housewife and a worker. Blogging about my everyday life, findings, the people around me and future plans and goals. Stick around...

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